Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I want to start writing...

I want to start writing, I really do.
It's a bit like the first page in a brand new English or Literacy book depending on your age.
You want to make it right. It has to be your neatest handwriting but you are scared that it won't be. So you just write.
I am going to hunt out some of my old books from Primary School and photograph the first page....if I can find them that is. I might even see if I can find some of Sam's...Harry doesn't really write yet....although he does mark-make so maybe I should add that.
It's the first has to be right!

I need to get stuck in, but tonight's not the night as it's too late!

Tell me what to do....I can't have writer's block....not yet!

There we go - I have started, officially!


  1. Just jump in - write whatever you are thinking, and share it with us. We want to hear it! :-)

  2. Definitely - just tell your stories and your thoughts. I think there's too much made of "niche" blogging and I really enjoy the kinds of blogs that share all kinds of things - like a magazine with loads of different articles! Or maybe I'm just justifying my own inability to focus on one subject....
    Never mind - looking forward to reading :)

    1. By the way this is Helen - it wouldn't let me post as just myself!


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