Friday, 28 June 2013

International Mud Day - 2013

International Mud Day is all about children and early childhood professionals all over the world celebrating nature, outdoors, and mess by getting really muddy. And that is exactly what my children did today at their amazing school. Today has been one of those days which the boys will really remember! It was combined with Armed Forces Day so there was lots of mud and marching!

Photos say a thousand words - all courtesy of St George's Prep School......thank you - they've had an amazing day (but despite a long soak in the bath and me scrubbing their nails until their fingers were red, there is still mud under their nails!)


  1. Looks like the weather was just perfect for it as well!
    No such thing as bad weather in EYFS - just bad clothing :) That stuck with me from the very first course I went on as Nursery teacher and have lived by it ever since! x

  2. so much fun!! I bet the children loved that

  3. What great photos & what a fab event. I would've been right in there with them. MUD FIGHT!! haha.

    Thanks for linking up with this weeks Mad Mid-Week Blog Hop xx


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