Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Toy Shop Awe and Wonder....

I can remember it well. Visiting a toy shop was amazing when I was a child. It was about the only place you could buy toys from where as today, there are 'bargain shops' and supermarkets full of them. Toys are everywhere you look. I like toys, no I LOVE toys but I am very fussy. I hate the cheap rubbish and would rather buy one good toy than ten plasticky toys (my children may disagree of course).

In our market town, we have an excellent Department Store (Oldrids) which has a toy department....kindly located on the top floor which I love. It means that we have to make a special effort to visit but more importantly if we are dashing through, the children are not side-tracked.
Today I HAD to go to town and I HAD to take my 4 year old with me. As soon as we walked into Oldrids he asked to go on the escalator. I knew exactly where this was leading to...the toy department. We had a good chat about the fact that we could look today but weren't going to buy (because I really knew that would work!). So in we went...... and lots more cool!

Anyone would have thought that Harry had never been into a toy shop before. We wondered around - everything was cool until we got to the Lego section. He went quiet and just sat on the floor and stared at the rows and rows of boxes for about 2 minutes. He was taking it all in before he resumed with the 'Cool' on repeat. Now - we are massive Lego fans in our house and we have quite a lot (or so I thought we had)...but apparently not. There is lots that he 'needs' including the Lego City Fire Station, and who can't live without some of the 'Star Wars' range?

The other section of the shop which caught Harry's attention was the Playmobil section - and another thumbs up from me. Again he sat on the floor and stared (only interrupted by the occasional 'cool'). I LOVE Playmobil (but not all the small bits and pieces). Apparently we can't live without the massive aeroplane and the 'City Action' range. 

So - when it was time to leave (without a bag jam-packed with new toys), it actually went OK..........we got into the lift and Harry asked me whether he could have an ice-cream for being sooooo good. Well, he'll go a long way - he so obviously had an exit plan....and a 30p ice cream was cheap at half the price!

We're now home.....with a Playmobil brochure which has now been cut up and stuck onto another piece of something slightly educational has come out of today. I think he'll be dreaming about Lego and Playmobil this evening.

But I have been pondering...Lego or Playmobil....or do they both have a place in our house?

I think so..........But which is my favourite? I'm not sure. What about you?

Maybe I prefer ice cream?


  1. We love Lego and have a growing collection. My sons have yet to experience Playmobil, though I would like them to have some! So it would have to be the Lego that gets our vote! Wish there was somewhere local here that sells 30p ice creams!

    1. I only realised the 30p ice cream option this week (and it's the BEST ice cream in the world)......I feel it will be a bribing tool this summer! *badmummy*

  2. BOTH! There is most definitely a place for both in every house.

  3. 30p ice cream wow i need to come your way! never heard of it before!
    Lego all the way for us (although we are still at the duplo stage but my dad cant wait to get his home made wooden divided boxes with handle out where all our childhood lego is stored (in colours german efficiency and all that!!) to let his grandson build exiting things!! btw Finn got a Thomas the tank engine brochure it is very well loved and looked at in our house (and taped up various times to safe it from falling into pieces)

  4. We're a Playmobil house - we did the Duplo thing but felt we needed to make a decision when it came to the "grown up" stuff so we knew which route we were going down (and it doesn't take over the whole house!). If you're choosing, I think the decision depends on whether your children prefer the building and changing or playing small-world role play games. Ours are definitely more inclined towards the role playing, so we build the buildings and they play with the people and things inside! But talking to friends etc I think that might be more of a girl preference.
    That said they do enjoy getting our old Lego out whenever we visit the grandparents!

  5. I personally love playmobil but my girls have really got into lego since they bought the lego friends out x

  6. My oldest boy (7) is lego obsessed but he doesn't like the kits so much, he likes to come up with his own designs, he even writea his own instruction manuals lol. It doesn't come cheap but it keeps him entertained for hours and gets him using his mind so it's all good! I have to say we have never really had any playmobil so can't comment on that!

  7. I like lego still trying to get Alex 3 interested, but my daughter sometimes builds with it. I loved playing with lego when I was young.

  8. Got to say I LOVE Playmobil, but my eldest son loves Lego, its a battle I am losing, there seems to be more Lego around our home than playmobil and I know this from keep stepping on it!
    Given a choice I would vote Playmobil for the cute factor.

  9. I'd also go Playmobil but that's possibly because I have girls who are not really into building but do do extra cute role play :) also, lego HURTS when you stand on it!!


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