Monday, 15 July 2013

Carfest North - the countdown begins

I live in a household of boys - I 'have' to do 'boy' things and apparently that includes camping. If I am totally honest, this is not high on my agenda of 'oooo I really must dos' this summer. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE travelling BUT I do like a clean toilet and shower...and more than just canvas between me and the elements. I think that this is due to my Duke of Edinburgh's Award Days back in my teens. So, I now find myself going camping to Carfest North in a few weeks time. Ask me then what I thought about it!

For those of you who don't know, Carfest takes place at 2 venues - North and South. We are going 'norf' to Oulton Park. The organisers of Carfest promise, 'The venue brings even more excitement to the experience of watching some of the world's greatest cars - this time charging round a track - whilst also offering some fantastic spaces for dancing to live music, chilling out in front of the arena and having a fun, family weekend.'

It seems to tick lots of boxes - cars, music, food, camping and lots more in a family-friendly environment. The event is in aid of 'children in Need' and is headed my the famous DJ, Chris Evans who I love (so not all bad!)

The truth is, I never been to a festival before and in all honesty, I have never wanted to. Carfest was booked a number of months ago, without any thought from myself and a quick, knee-jerk reaction of a 'let's go' from my husband. I got a call one morning asking whether I fancied going to Carfest with some family friends and hey presto, ten minutes later it was booked and we were going. In my mind,  I still have in my head that Festivals are for hippies and are not really my scene - after all, where shall I plug in my hair straighteners?

Needless to say, everyone else in our party seems excited. Today has been a 'planning' day for Carfest. I think that translates as a summer's day in the garden where we discuss the necessary elements over a glass or two of wine. There will be 8 of us going - two families - with 4 children ranging from 3 to 6 years old.

Today's primary target was to take a look at our tent which has been given to us by my brother - a hardened camper and a great lover of the outdoors, what-ever-the-weather. The tent has been used once, in Le Mans and hasn't been out of the bags for a couple of years. It's a good quality tent (apparently) and sleeps 8 people. In my opinion, although there is physically space to sleep 8 of us - you would be pushing it a we are taking 2 tents!

So - the tent was finally put up after some manly 'rubbing of chins' and the children seemed pleased and excited. It was cleaned thoroughly (it needed it) and has been left in pride of place in our garden until tomorrow evening.

Number one priority achieved this weekend - our 'first class' (ahem) accommodation is sorted. I am trying my best to get excited - if the weather is good then I am beginning to see the appeal (although I am unlikely to admit it at this point), but if the weather is wet I can see me being 'the grumpy mum' sat in the corner with a luke warm glass of wine in my hand.

Time will tell - if I expect the worse, surely it will be better.....

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