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Casual Crew Clothing Review - life in the slow lane.

My boys LOVE the outdoors and I LOVE clothes - so when picking clothes for the boys these two elements are not mutually exclusive. I have, for a long time, admired the style of Crew Clothing for boys but it is only now that Sam (almost 7) has become big enough to wear them. We are big Joules fans but it's time that Sam's wardrobe was expanded somewhat.

Recently, on a trip to Bubble London - the UK's only stand-alone Trade Show for Kids - I was lucky enough to be asked by Crew to review some of their clothing range. I was given a wide range of items and returned home with a bundle fit to alter my oldest son's wardrobe - a hoodie, a t-shirt, a long sleeved t-shirt, and 2 shirts. I am splitting the review into two halfs - the first review will cover the more casual elements we were given...and I will look at the shirts at a later date.

My first impressions were very good. All the clothing was soft to touch and oozed quality. A little point was the labels that accompanied each item - high quality card board fastened with twine....I liked these!

We were given the Orlando T-shirt (RRP £16) which Sam immediately decided would be ideal for his tennis lessons. I often pick dark colours for Sam (perhaps as I know this t-shirt is just waiting for him to get dirty) so it was nice to try something else. So far we haven't managed to spill anything to note down the front but I can report that it washes well and has maintained it's shape. This will match anything and so will be a holiday essential this year!

Next on the Agenda was the long-sleeved t-shirt, the Ollie Tee (RRP £18), ideal for Spring and Autumn (or maybe the British Summer?!). Another very well-made product which again Sam liked. It's been worn and worn, and covered in mud a few times but has always come up looking like new after a wash at 40 degrees.

My personal favourite is the hoodie - just need to avoid shopping centres of course. I love the colour, it really suits Sam - and the fit is perfect. The Travis Hoodie (RRP £24), I predict will be one of the most versatile sweaters that Sam currently owns. It's perfect with jeans as well as shorts and is proving a firm favourite with Sam and me. We spent a fair amount of time on the beach in Norfolk, and in this sweater, I know that he'll 'look the part'.


I love the items of Crew Clothing that we were given to review - I love the style and love the quality. Sam is getting to the age now where he will tell me if he doesn't like an item of clothing I have bought for him - and the vibes have been very positive for this trio of items.

This is the first of two reviews for Crew Clothing - so pop back soon and take a look at a more 'formal' Crew. I am a big fan of Crew casual clothing - the question is, will I love their more formal clothing just as much?
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  1. oh no I have just had a look on the website and already have a few items on my wish list.My hubbys cards wont like this!

  2. fab review Jo, i have never come across this brand before so will certainly look out for them on the next batch of stuff for Joshua as it looks fantastic :-)

  3. Great review - I may need to take a look at Crew clothing now!

  4. Great review and your photos are stunning! Thanks for linking up. I dont know this brand either - will have to check it out!

  5. this looks lovely! will have to keep it in mind when mine get slightly bigger

    anna (in the playroom)

  6. Great review and your photos are fab. :) x

  7. The clothes look great. As a fellow mum of boys I can appreciate the difficulties of getting clothes they like which are also hardwearing and wash well!

  8. brilliant Pics Jo and i love the look of the jumper such a vibrant colour!!

  9. Thanks for the comments - I can really recommend Crew Clothing and you are right SarahMummy, finding 'interesting' clothes for boys is pretty difficult......from where I am sitting they seem to spend hours designing some beautiful things for girls and less for boys!!! Maybe it's just because I can't buy pink!

  10. Loving the photos, models in the making x

  11. Great review I love the green hoodie.

  12. Thanks for linking up with #Tried&Tested - we are big Crew Clothing fans!

  13. What a gorgeous model ;) I've not tried Crew Clothing before, will have to have a look!
    Thanks for linking up this week :)

  14. I've never bought clothes from Crew Clothing before but it's great seeing them reviewed - I'll definitely be having a browse in future! x

    1. They are lovely - I am new to Crew too - the quality is great and they wash really well (I sound like my Mother!)

  15. He's the perfect little model! They look great on him :)

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Parenting & Lifestyle blog


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