Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nursery / Pre-School - end of an era...the beginning of the next

Day 1 at Nursery
Now - as a general rule, I do not get mushy about these things. All over Facebook and Twitter over the last few days I have seen posts about Mother's getting teary-eyed about their little one leaving Pre-School. Not me. Sorry - I don't want my youngest to 'grow up too fast' and he has had the most amazing experiences in the most amazing pre-school BUT I know that for Harry, this is just the beginning of his journey.

Harry started Little Dragons (what a cool name for a Nursery) shortly before his 3rd birthday. He was there the day it opened and has been part of their exciting journey. A School born from the motivation, dedication and vision of it's owners. As a teacher - I am perhaps one of the most critical parents (poor staff) but I can honestly say that over the last two years Harry has flourished.

Now - to put it into perspective, Harry has not always been the easiest of little boys. He was born a stubborn little munchkin and this continued for a long time. Harry is a strong-willed and bright little character which meant he got frustrated (to put it kindly). When we were trying to potty train - he had an aversion to pants. Yes - pants. Quite a necessary part of growing up!!!! Amusingly, he now won't wear PJs without pants under them...strange child. Little Dragons were wonderfully patient. His key worker got it in the neck from Harry - there was no way that he wanted to wear pants and he let her know that. But with kindness and nurturing, Harry overcame this thank goodness. It sounds like a small thing BUT when you are going through it for what seems like a lifetime, it is draining.

So - from being a stubborn and argumentative little one, I can honestly say that Harry has finally flourished into what I can (finger's crossed) safely and proudly say into quite a nice little boy. He's now so loving towards me in particular and has an infectious smile. He has a developing sense of humour and generally enjoys life.

During the last year, Harry has worked at times with the Reception children with 'Letters and Sounds'. I am convinced that this has helped him mature. He loved working with the reception teacher and has suddenly decided that he likes to read. After making a steady start (no pushy mother and no pushing from Nursery - just the way I wanted it to be) - he's suddenly developed a real passion for reading (but still on his terms - that stubbornness hasn't quite disappeared yet!). In Harry's eyes, his greatest achievement this term has been moving up a reading stage - not bad for a child not yet at school.

I cannot thank the staff enough - they have given Harry a wonderful start and I am so thankful that he is going to be remaining in that environment during his Primary years. With my teacher hat on, I really wish that all children in a pre-school environment were able to experience such a wonderful setting.....but as with all things in life, there is such a variation.His transition into Reception is easy - he just moves into a different room with a number of his peers and a new teacher (who he has met and is already in love with).

Memories from Nursery

How was your little one's time in Nursery / Pre-school years? Was it a positive experience?


  1. Despite being a mushy mum about these things I am über pleased its the holidays and agree this is just the start of the adventure for our little people

  2. Gorgeous pictures, looks like he has an amazing year! Next term my 2 will be going into Year 1 and Year 3. Very scary stuff.


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