Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Romantic Evening away - The George Hotel, Stamford review

All parents need some 'me time', us included and we are very lucky that we manage to get some (more regularly than most). For Christmas we were given a voucher from relatives to stay and dine at The George Hotel in Stamford. I have never visited despite it only being about 45 minutes away and being 'known' as a wonderful place for afternoon tea or a glass of wine or a night away. Our weekend was booked via telephoning the very helpful reception staff - I was even sent a photograph of the room as it is one of their smaller rooms available and they didn't want us to be disappointed.

We arrived (early) and had time for a wander around Stamford before we were able to check in. The George is 2 minutes away from the town centre so as far as I am concerned, perfect. I liked Stamford - I really did. I am now going to do the lottery regularly as I would quite like to move there (but into one of the massive limestone houses preferably!).

We had lunch in a lovely Thai restaurant and then I somehow managed to persuade hubbie to visit the shops - after a quick purchase from Joules we wandered up towards Burghley House, a National Trust property that I haven't visited since I was a child (and is now on my list of 'must-gos' this summer). There were a lot of sheep there!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings and on to The George. The thing which struck me throughout our stay was the attentiveness of the staff - everyone said good afternoon etc, staff smiled and held doors open for you. It's the little elements like this which make a stay special in my opinion. We felt like guests rather than another person on the conveyor belt.

The George is what I would describe as a very traditional English hotel. As a general rule, we book very modern hotels but as this was a gift it took us outside our box and I'm glad it did!!! The corridors towards our room were clean but 'dated' and initially I did wonder whether this hotel was 'for us'. We went into our room and it was lovely - traditional but immaculately clean and well presented. We later found the shower to be amazing (another pet-hate is of mine is useless and feeble showers). My only niggle about the room was that the bed was rather 'creaky' and 'noisy' - read into that what you will!!! When we arrived in the room, there was a bottle (a half bottle) of Champagne ready and waiting for us. It was included in our voucher BUT it was lovely that we didn't have to ask for it. The champagne went down rather well whilst we were getting ready for dinner!

Now - I just have to mention the ladies' toilets in the main hotel - truely amazing - spacious, immaculate and just a little different. I can only describe these via photos!!!

We had a meal booked in the Oak Paneled Room - again part of our Christmas voucher - Hubby had to wear a jacket which he doesn't usually do - he felt a little uncomfortable initially but I quite liked it :). Food was lovely - I particularly enjoyed my starter which was half a lobster - I could have eaten this forever and it was one of those dishes where you wish it never ended. I was very tempted with the Brittany Grand Platter for main course but decided to save that for our holiday in Brittany next month - instead I opted for Duo of Lamb which was good. I'd like to eat there again and go with my 'gut reaction' and order the Brittany Platter! The dessert trolley was wonderful and included a childhood favourite of mine - Creme Caramel (with pomegranate)....yummy! We love eating out - the food was very good (but not outstanding).

Following the meal, we retired to the Champagne Bar where we didn't drink Champagne - rather it started with Mojitos (fabulous) and then whiskey. We really didn't need these extra drinks but the bar staff (can't remember their names but they were great!) made us very welcome. We always try to sit at the bar on these occasions and were not disappointed - attentive staff and good conversation - we felt very comfortable.

The morning was met with complimentary tea / coffee and orange juice. We'd ordered it for 8.30am and it arrived promptly by yet another well-trained member of staff. Orange juice was particularly good. We then went to the Garden Room for breakfast. This reminded me of the Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant in Fulham - another one of our favourites. The plants in there were well tended and gave an air of the outside yet was inside and away from the traditional British elements. It was a lovely place to have breakfast - and breakfast wasn't bad either - I chose smoked Salmon (divine) with scrambled eggs whilst hubby had the full English. No complaints from either of us on the breakfast front!

All in all we had a wonderful night away at the George - it was escapism from reality for just 24 hours and gave us chance to chat in a lovely environment. We possible wouldn't have booked The George ourselves BUT we will definitely go back. It's a lovely hotel, full of character and 'made' by the well-trained and attentive staff. We will be back!

A lovely hotel - perfect for a romantic getaway. Staff were very attentive yet subtle. A very enjoyable stay in a lovely hotel. We will be back.


  1. This looks amazing. I am not at all jealous. Honestly ;-)

  2. It looks lovely, I will definitely have to look into cost.


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