Saturday, 20 July 2013

Visit from a teleporter - every little boy's dream!

Today our neighbour - who happens to be a farmer came round with his teleporter tractor. This caused great excitement in our house.....with the boys. But also, I have to confess with me. At last!!! Two years ago we had about 10 tonnes of stones delivered to cover the drive. We have a very big drive!!! Well, we started moving these stones with a wheel barrow and a rake. You can imagine - progress was not speedy - infact it was painfully slow and the novelty very quickly wore off. The stone pile remained (a great play area for the boys), and the drive remained a bit of an annoying eyesore.

And that is the reason for the excitement in our house - finally these stones were to be spread on the drive.. Finally the 'stone pile' was to disappear. Finally, my drive was to look more 'cared for'.

In true 'typical' life - the teleporter arrived just as I was serving dinner. The boys were excited and I knew they wouldn't eat....and so dinner was moved into the garden, despite the cool breeze. The boys watched in wonder as our skilled neighbour manouvered his teleporter around the drive. Stones were spread - and Mummy was happy - it doesn't take much!

Do tractors cause as much excitement in your household as they do ours? Do little boys ever grow out of this? Let me know below!

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  1. I have 2 little boys too. My oldest is 6 and has never shown any interest in tractors etc but my youngest is nearly 2 and is completely tractor, digger, fire engine's such a shock to us but I love his shouts of excitement every time he spots a digger or asking us to read his favourite book (about diggers of course) over and over again! This would be his dream come true!!


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