Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bike stunts!

Well - the summer holidays is drawing to a close with just a couple of weeks to go. I think that this year's favourite past time has been their bikes. Sam is almost too big for his as is Harry BUT this does mean that they are brimming with confidence.

The summer holiday has consisted of many 'bike shows' - many in the style of Brainiac after a visit to their live show last weekend. Making ramps to go onto the decking area - a run-up to get on and free wheeling to get off has been met with much hilarity - including the phrase, 'Don't try this at home' which adds to the effect and is perhaps the result of Brainiac and Mythbusters on Sky?!

The boys made slopes and of course 'burning fire walls' (OK, there was no fire really but there were cones!). The summer 'stunt' riding has given them so much confidence and we have watched it grow over the last few weeks - this is great as they are both getting towards needing the next size up of bikes. With a husband who is a bit of a 'bike snob', so far we have had Islabikes...but as they move on, I am not sure whether to stick with what we know or move to another brand. October brings two birthdays and bikes are already 'on the list'. The Islabikes have 'worn' well. Harry's balance bike was Sam's before him and is still in great condition despite the miles and miles that it has travelled. Harry has short legs so will need a 14" frame before he can even consider moving to Sam's next cast-off. He is looking forwards to 'pedals' and if the transition is as easy as Sam's was from balance bike to pedal bike then I can't wait! Sam in true Sam style is growing taller by the day (or so it seems) - will they ever stop growing? I hope not ;)

Apparently tomorrow will see the sequel to the Bike Stunt Show - and remember 'do NOT try this at home!'. I can't wait to get home from work.........

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