Monday, 12 August 2013

Getting organised with MUM'S Office Big Family School Year Dairy!!! Wishful thinking perhaps????

A few weeks ago I was contacted by MUM'S Office and asked if I would like to review their Big Family School Year Diary - I accepted with the hope that this year I will become that organised and efficient Mum that I always yearned to be. A diary big enough to cope with our busy lives has certainly got to help!

Time to get organised!

The diary arrived in 'gorgeous raspberry' - they also offer it in 'sophisticated blackberry' and 'on-trend peppermint'. I had no choice in the colour sent to me but perhaps they saw the colour scheme of my blog, or read the bit in my 'About Us' where I wrote that I longed for 'pink and glitter'. I was pleased with the pink!

My new pink dairy went straight to work with me as that is where I think I will use it most. My boys' school use an email system for their letters and they usually arrive in my inbox during office hours. I will be able to easily transfer the dates / times etc into my diary. I quickly started filling in all the information. I was a little bit like a Primary School Child - I had to fill in my name, address etc as neat as possible as it was on the first page - I even used my favourite pen for the activity (far more exciting than work but don't tell my boss (me!)). However, I have to admit that the novelty of filling in the info pages soon wore off. I think they will get filled in but as time goes on and I will remember when I have to look up an important number either on google or on my phone. I might miss out the line that askes me for my 'bust size' as not sure whether that is really necessary in a Family Diary to be honest!!!

The diary is set out in a very clear way. I like the fact that you can view each week on a double spread and that their are enough columns to cater for my family and even the cat! I am pretty sure that as time goes on I will develop my own way of using the dairy but initially it's great to add all the term dates - school, swimming lessons - tennis etc. I like the fact that I can also add all of my commitments (work and otherwise) plus those of my husband too. It's so spacious I have even added when my parents (read that as emergency childcare) are on holiday (far too often for my liking I can assure you!).


I love the diary - I love the fact that it is pink - I love all the sections for me to fill in and above all, I love the fact that it is practical. I do have an iPhone with all it's apps BUT I do think that there is no replacement for having a paper diary - a real diary rather than a virtual one. My husband laughed when this arrived on the doorstep and said that if it manages to organise me then it is truely brilliant. Time will tell - ask me in June whether it has really helped but initial impressions are positive!

At £16.96, if it helps to organise our family, then I think it is worth it.

Disclosure - I was given this MUM'S Office Diary free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.


  1. I would absolutely take great pleasure in filling in the first pages and existing dates in my best handwriting!! :D
    I love the idea of the columns for each family member - so easy to see what's going on.

  2. love new diarys - I've a special one en-route, well it will be when I get around to ordering it

  3. Oh I REALLY love a new diary, those crisp clean pages. Yes I am a geek. This makes me want to get organised!


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