Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mercure Hotel Review - Abbeville, France

On a recent trip to France we were faced with an impromptu extra night due to traffic delays and missed ferries - the boys thought this was a great adventure especially as we were going to go in search of a hotel (rather than the gite we had spent the previous week in).

We arrived in the town of Abbeville, a town largely destroyed during the Second World War which consequently had a rather 60s feel about it - retro I think the word is. It was getting late so a quick google provided us with a list of potential hotels. After trying a few (you can imagine that finding a family room on a Saturday evening close to Ferry ports is not the easiest thing to do in the world) we came across the Mercure Hotel de France- part of the National Mercure group. Mercure do offer quad (family) rooms but these were all sold out. The receptionist could offer us doubles and twins next door to each other, but with no adjoining door and due to the age of our children (4 and 6 years) we opted for 2 twin rooms. The total for the 2 rooms was 216 euros (they didn't charge us for any extra for the children) so it was not a cheap 'stay over' - had they had a quad room, it would have cost is 157 euros but hey ho - we had to have somewhere to sleep!

Our rooms were great - very clean with everything you would expect in a hotel room (except perhaps a mini bar). Both rooms were spacious and well presented. The beds were very comfortable with cotton sheets - no complaints there! The bathrooms are what really stand out in this hotel - or at least they did in rooms 235 and 237! Our bathroom was one of the biggest hotel bathrooms I have ever come across and I've stayed in a fair few hotels in my time as I travel with work. They were modern and equipped with a hair dryer and usual toiletries....which incidently smelt lovely!

We didn't try the restaurant as we had spotted a fish restaurant down the road when we drove in so I can't really comment on that - from the outside though it echoed the cleanliness of the rest of the hotel - and I noticed that the tables had plenty of room around them rather than squashing in as many covers as possible.

The staff (that we encountered) were helpful and polite. My French is pretty good (well, I can get by!) but their English was good. We had something in the car which needed to go in the fridge over night - they were quite happy to organise that for us and did so with a smile!


The Mercure Hotel in Abbeville is your typical business hotel - you know the sort, where you could almost be anywhere in the world. It's not the cheapest option but had we been able to have a Quad room I think that this would have represented better value for money for us. I would definitely consider this hotel again for a stop-over on the way back to the ferry or Channel Tunnel in the future - the size of the bathrooms did it for me!

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