Monday, 9 September 2013

This weekend we had a family outing - we went fishing!

OK - so I admit it. It wasn't my idea to have a family day out fishing today but living in a household of boys then I suppose that it was bound to happen at some point. In my eyes fishing = boy's stuff. BUT I had to go - if only to make sure that the boys didn't end up in the water - an extra pair of eyes so to speak.

Sam is 6 years old and Harry is 4 years old and they have been pestering to go fishing for a few weeks now. My husband is a keen fisherman - just for fun (or so that is my understanding anyway) and seems to have lots of 'kit' - whether it's the right 'kit' is a different matter but it seemed to fill the boot of the car.

Setting up to commence the actual fishing seemed to take an age but the boys were very patient. I on the other hand found a sunny spot on the bank and used the opportunity for a moment to lose myself in a book...which incidently didn't last long as I had to look at every single fish they caught - and they caught a lot. Harry (strange child) wanted to stroke all of them!?!?!

Despite fishing not being high on my agenda of 'must dos' I have to admit that it was lovely to see the boys so happy - they caught loads and so they found it all very exciting. We were on a lake on our own and so we didn't have to panic too much about the children annoying other fishermen - they still have a little to learn about fishing etiquette I feel. Behind our 'spot' they could investigate the wooded area - hunt for badgers - make wooden boats from twigs and sticks as well as go on an adventure 'Famous Five style'.

OK - I admit it - we did have fun....and the boys have full permission to go again with their Father whenever they like (I just can't promise that I won't be washing my hair that day!).

*I am joining up with #Magicmoments from The Oliver's Madhouse - this moment was magic as it was our first family fishing trip!*


  1. Sounds more fun than I imagine fishing to be!

  2. what a really fantastic trip! i used to fish with my dad at their age .. not sure why now lol

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments
    P.s i would be washing my hair too if my hubby wanted to go lol


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