Saturday, 5 October 2013

John Adams Hot Wires Electronic Kit - Best birthday present ever!

JOHN ADAMS HOT WIRES - The plug & play electronics set

Yesterday was our oldest's birthday and he reached the ripe old age of 7. A couple of weeks ago he piped up that he didn't want any toys for his birthday really as he was getting old!! This of course makes life a little difficult, especially when you are working to a tight budget and the ideas that he was coming up with really weren't viable!

Sam LOVES anything to do with science - it's one of his fortes at school and so of course we are doing everything we can to develop him into a geeky scientist!! William (my husband) found a fabulous electronic set but in true male form, it was only available in the USA - he contacted them but with shipping and customs, it suddenly became an expensive gift! So the search continued until we found the John Adam's Electronic Set.

It's is absolutely brilliant - the BEST present we could have got for Sam. he was off school yesterday with a chest infection and this kept him occupied for hours. Sam is 7 and the set is recommended for children aged 8 plus which I think is appropriate although Sam can use it without any problems. The quality of the manufacturing is great and the instructions well laid out and easy for a child to follow. We all know that there is nothing more frustrating than a set like this where children need your full attention in order to achieve anything.

I can also put my teacher hat on now and suggest that schools should also look at this set - it's robust enough to have a class of 30 children 'experimenting' with it and it will help teachers meet a number of the National Curriculum standards. I would also use it as a 'Wet Playtime Activity' - it's easy and quick to put away which is always a bonus!


This is one of the best things that we have ever bought for Sam. So often for birthdays and Christmas, you end up buying what can only be described as 'cheap tat' and products which don't do what they say on the packet. I LOVE this electronics set, as does Sam. He's definitely had a 'happy' birthday thanks to this!

Please note that we weren't sent this product to review and we were not requested to review it. I decided to add a review to share with others how brilliant it is!


  1. My eldest had something like that last year....They are really good kits!
    Hope you're boy had a fab birthday x

  2. Looks amazing, my brother had something like this when we were kids, that was to stop him taking things apart lol x

  3. My son had one of these when he was younger they are brilliant! It really inspired him in science. Thanks for a great post


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