Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Milestones -

After a baby is born, especially with your first-born, you mark their milestones in various different ways....often by telling everyone and anyone about their first smile, the fact they can crawl, say Mummy and walk unaided. As they get older, it's perhaps harder to notice these important moments - especially if you have another sibling to add into the mix.

This month it has hit my that my 'babies' are growing up. They both had birthdays which perhaps made me more aware that this was happening BUT a number of 'things' have been on my mind over the last few weeks.

New bikes - Sam (my oldest) was luck enough to get a new bike for his birthday. It's an Islabike (we are big fans) and anyone who knows anything about bikes will know how good these are. BUT it's not Sam's new bike that has been on my mind - it is Sam's 'old' bike (also an Islabike). Harry (affectionately known as 'hand-me-down-Harry) also has a new bike, albeit Sam's old one. Harry is moving from a Balance Bike to 'a big boys bike'. My youngest is learning to ride a big boy bike without stabilisers (we don't use stabilisers as found there is no need after a balance bike). Will he fall of continuously like his brother did? Will he lose his confidence when he does, like his brother did? But once he has got 'it', I know that there will be no going back. We will find ourselves going out on family bike rides in the not too distant future I am sure!

Book worm - another milestone for Sam. He took a while to learn how to read. It didn't come particularly easily as he's dyslexic. BUT it has finally clicked in the last 6 months (largely thanks to his amazing school). He now reads for pleasure and as a teacher, I absolutely LOVE this fact! J K Rowling and Cresida Cowell have a lot to do with this fact, as does my husband. He now reads every single night to Sam - at the moment it's a chapter from Harry Potter. It's so important for boys especially to see a male role model reading. Sam now choses to read to himself in the evening and is very proud that he is a 'free reader' (he's actually what I would call a 'guided-free-reader' but he's happy with that!)

Sleep Over - as I write this, Sam has a friend over for a sleep over without his parents. This is the first time this has happened and I am pleased to report that it was a success! It's a good job it was the half term holiday though as they chatted until around 10pm...they were a little tired and grumpy the next morning though. Sam has been asking for friends to come for a sleep over for a while but at 'just' 7, I still think he is a little young. There are a couple of friends which I would be happy to invite, but only because I know the child well, as well as the parents! Time will tell whether Sam will be happy to stay at a friends house of this space.

Lego building - yesterday Harry discovered that he could follow the instructions in Lego boxes to build the models unaided. They had always been left to me or Sam to build but womething 'clicked' last weekend and nothing is stopping him now! I feel redundant. I LOVE making Lego models and now my children don't need me any more *sobs*.

Let me know below about any recent important milestones for your children..........would love to hear about them!

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