Monday, 14 October 2013

Oxo Digital Instant Read Thermometer Review

I have been a fan of the Oxo kitchen range for quite a while - my Mum has 'loads' of their kitchen bits and pieces - which to be honest I have been a little jealous of *confession*. I was extremely pleased to be asked to review a few of their products as we LOVE cooking - in fact the kitchen is perhaps our favourite room in the house. We are big fans of anything which makes cooking easy - more run - or more 'classy'! So, first up for review is.....

The Oxo Digital Instant Read Thermometer

Yes - I know - to some people this would not be very exciting BUT this did actually cause great excitement in our household. I have been meaning to buy a meat thermometer for a while after the one we got free in Sainsburys a few years ago died a death. We rarely cook a roast for a couple of reasons - firstly we prefer Asian food and secondly, although I love roast beef I just can't get it to be like my Mum's! Sad, I know but I am always disappointed. It's never as rare as I want it.....or it's to rare for the rest of the family!

The Oxo Digital Instant Read Thermometer was, I hoped, the answer to my prayers! It comes with a storage sleeve which (allegedly) gives you the optimum temperature to deliver you all kinds of meats, cooked to your preferred perfection. It's recommended temperatures are taken from USDA recommended temperatures - however, most cookbooks (including Delia) suggest temperatures which are slightly lower than these for the optimum taste for meat. My first attempt, I did use the USDA temperatures and found the meat to be more cooked than I would have liked.

Using the thermometer is easy - you really don't need to read the instructions or a degree! You simply switch it on using a button located on the top of it. It reads the temperature within seconds - so simple! It can read in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, you just tap the button behind the screen.

So we put it to the test a few times before writing this review (else of course it wouldn't be a review!). Chicken - cooked perfectly - Beef - cooked almost perfectly (would lower the temperature a little next time to cook it to our preferred liking) - Pork - cooked perfectly!


The Oxo Digital Instant Read Thermometer retails at £15.30 - not the cheapest meat thermometer on the market but one I have no hesitation in recommending it. It's well made and does the job perfectly!

Disclaimer - I was given the Oxo Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer in order to review it. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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