Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ozeri Frying Pan Review

I LOVE cooking, as does my husband. We recently reviewed the Ozeri Wok and loved it - consequently I was asked to review the Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic nonstick frying pan which again is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. I have to admit I jumped at the chance. But - does it live up to the standards set by it's big brother, the wok, I wonder? Let's see...

As with all Ozeri products, the frying pan came nicely packaged meaning it would make a lovely gift if you know anyone who, like us, loves bits and bobs for the kitchen. At 7" it is the perfect size for us. We don't as a general rule eat much fried food - sometimes a couple of butchers' suasages for the children or we are rather partial to eggs on toast at the weekend I have to admit.

However, for us, where this pan comes into it's own is for toasting spices! Without the need for oil, this is the perfect size and has been used for this purpose at least twice a week since it arrived. Not once has it failed me.

I love the green colour - It's vibrant and adds a splash of colour to any kitchen. Importantly - it does what it says on the packet - it is non-stick and remains so as far as I can tell - (if that changes I will update this post of course!)


This is a lovely little frying pan which works well on a number of different hobs including inductions (which is where I have used it). At £39.99 RRP, it is quite pricey but seems to be often on offer on Amazon (currently £24.95) - I would happily pay this due to the quality of the pan though. I have found in the past that buying cheap pans is in fact a false economy!

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  1. We love our Ozeri wok and frying pan too, they are definitely a worthwhile investment. Haven't tried toasting spices yet though - we have fajitas tonight so I might just give that a try!


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