Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Review of 'Holiday Extras' at Stansted Airport - Premier Inn and Long Stay Car Park

A few weeks ago I was asked whether I would be interested in reviewing some of the services available at Stansted Airport - and as I had a business trip planned to Cologne this month I naturally jumped at the chance. The company involved was 'Holiday Extras' and I had no previous experience of them despite travelling a fair amount. They specialise in Airport hotels, lounges and car parks plus holiday insurance and much more. How useful to get everything under one roof as such!


I was allocated the Premier Inn Hotel at Stansted Airport and Long Stay parking to accompany my stay. The Premier Inn is located just a mile from the airport so perfect for anyone with an early start or of course anyone landing late who needs to avoid a long onward journey after a flight. Within the hotel is a restaurant and bar which I think is essential for many who are using the hotel as a 'stop over' on the way to and from the airport.

I have stayed at numerous Premier Inn hotels over the last few year - both with my family, and with my husband or on my own for business trips. They are one of the best chain of hotels in my opinion - the beds are always comfortable and the bedding of high quality (one of my pet hates is poor quality bedding). The rooms are always spacious and bigger than your average hotel-sized bedrooms in my experience.

Having stayed with Premier Inn hotels in the past, the Airport Hotel had some great expectations to live up to. I expected that the rooms might be smaller than I was used to as we all know that land costs are at a premium in these areas and so the wish to 'cram as many people in as possible' must be a tempting lure for many hotel owners. However, this was not the case at the Stansted Premier Inn - it was airy and spacious. There was plenty of room for the two of us - infact I am sure that it would have been comfortable even if we'd had the children with us.

The welcome we received at the door was perfect. We'd had a relative long drive down to Stansted and it was reasonably late in the evening. We were welcomed with a smile and a member of the front desk helped us with the check-in process. He was polite and efficient (and as far as I can tell, he had no idea I was reviewing the hotel). We were directed to our double room via a clean lift and clean corridors....a good start!

The room was booked as a double room and as I have mentioned it was spacious. I can not fault how clean the room was - the bathroom was spotless. It contained all the amenities and more that you would expect from a 'budget' hotel. Coffee and Tea making facilities were extremely welcome before our early start the following day I can assure you.

Before we 'hit the sack' we decided to venture downstairs for a quick night cap in the bar. I was actually quite surprised - it was far nicer than I anticipated and had quite a buzz about it. This may of course been because most people were in a good mood because they were going on holiday or it may have been because the staff were so chirpy - especially a young girl behind the bar (wish I'd caught her name!). We didn't eat but the food that we caught glances of as the waiters and waitresses went by looked very acceptable.


We were booked into the Long Stay Car Park and clear instructions were given on the booking confirmation as how to get there. We have used this car park numerous times and it works with an automated barrier which recognises your number plate. Entry to the car park was swift and easy. The car park is clearly signposted as to which zone is open and we parked easily. Within minutes a bus arrived and we were transferred to the terminal. Simple! On the way back we simply had to find the right bus stop and we were taken directly to the nearest bus stop to where we dropped off the car - the only tricky bit was remembering which bus stop we needed! (TIP - take a photo of the bus stop on your phone on your outward journey and then you have a record!)


Everything was booked with Holiday Extras - the process was easy and we encountered no problems at all. The Premier Inn at Stansted exceeded all expectations and everything ran smoothly with the parking. To be honest, I can not fault anything! Well done Holiday Extras - we will be back!

Find them on Facebook here :- https://www.facebook.com/HolidayExtrasUK

Disclaimer - I was given a night's stay at the Premier Inn and parking in order to review the service provided by Holiday Extras. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.


  1. looks like a fab hotel! i love premier Inns!!

  2. That looks great no remembering to book everything separately. Exactly what you need for a stress free trip x

  3. I love bookings where you can sort everything out at once, saves me worrying I have forgotten something!

  4. brilliant review, I haven't visited a premier innbefore but am now more inclined too ;-)

  5. Love Premier Inn! Never heard of Holiday Extra's, so thanks for the insight!

  6. You definitely can't beat a Premier Inn for value of money


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