Thursday, 3 October 2013

What October means to me!

October has always been an important month in my life - when I was younger, it was purely because my birthday is in October - and then as I grew older I realised that half term was in October - and when I started teaching, October remained an important month as I did a lot of the musical organisation for Harvest Festival. I got married in October - we decided to go self-employed in October and give up our secure and well paid jobs (scary moment), and both of our children arrived in October. We obviously don't 'celebrate' all these moments, but some of course we do.

October 1st - it's my Mother-in-law's birthday!

October 3rd - it's my oldest son's birthday!

October 13th - it's my birthday!

October 21st - it's my youngest son's birthday AND my sister-in-law's birthday!

October 22nd - it's our Wedding Anniversary...8 years this year!

October 24th - it's my husband's birthday!

Mixing all these dates with the fact that during October each year I have two Trade Shows to attend in London, I think we can safely say that it's one of our busiest months! Oh - and of course there is Halloween....and four of my best friend's children were also born in October.

And this is all before I can even start to think about Christmas so would appreciate it if people didn't mention the "c" word for a few more weeks please!


  1. October sounds incredibly expensive in your house!

  2. Gosh. October sounds a bit - crazy? Is that the right word?!

  3. Busy month ahead for you then! Good Luck!

  4. Blimey! That's certainly is a busy month! Have fun :)

  5. gosh that is busy! hope you can relax in november!!

  6. wow what a fantastic month for your guys! March is the same for me.... hope your son had a fab birthday yesterday x

  7. Typist had the exact same problem in December.

  8. I love October because of Halloween but you have so much to celebrate, what a wonderful month for your family!

  9. wow thats a bit hectic! but will be lots of fun too


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