Friday, 1 November 2013

Kitten Madness - they have arrived and we need a name!

Yesterday saw the arrival of two new members of our family - two young kittens! If you have read my 'About me' then you will know that at some point I want a girl - something pink to inject my life with something a little more feminine! So....we decided to extend our family.....with a kitten rather than a baby (or rather that was my husband's idea anyway so for now I am playing along with the plan!). So - off we went to see some kittens who were just a couple of weeks old. We visited them another 3 times whilst we waited to find out which were little girls. Well - I think it's sods law - but Harry absolutely fell in love with the ginger kitten, and you've guessed it - said ginger kitten turned out to be a boy! Somehow we have ended up with two little kittens. I wanted to introduce them to you...

This is Jemima - she was Tabitha for weeks and weeks but as soon as I picked her up, I knew she wasn't a Tabitha and she immediately became Jemima. She has found my work bag and decided to snuggle down in it - I can already tell that this one is the mischievious one of the pair!

And this is - well this is the little boy kitten who as yet does not have a name as we can't agree. Harry wants to call him 'Billy' or 'Mr Nobody', Sam wants to call him 'Ginger Ninja', William wants to call him 'Jeremy' and quite frankly I can't decide!  

So - we now have a kitten without a name...what would you call him?


  1. I'd have to vote for Jeremy as aren't Jeremy and Jemima Puddle ducks? They are so lovely!


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