Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Yummy Dough Review

Harry was lucky enough to receive some Yummy Dough for his birthday - we were sent it for review but as it arrived the day before his birthday it was wrapped up as an extra present - all 5 year olds like lots of presents on their birthday of course.

Yummy Dough arrives in a lidded bucket - rather like a plastic yoghurt pot - everything you need is inside. Harry decided that he was going to share his Yummy Dough with his brother, Sam and so they both set to work (with a little adult help) to produce their culinary and artistic master pieces.

To make the Yummy Dough, all you need to do is mix the provided powder with water - there are clear instructions and I suggest that you follow these carefully. This was the most difficult part of the procedure and definitely needed adult support!

The boys (with some help) produced some red, green, blue and yellow Yummy Dough - you can mix the colours to produce more colours but my boys decided to leave them as they were. The colours were really vivid! I wanted the boys to create their own creations with little or no adult support - so often children have imposed on them the expectations from us, the adults, when they are making things!

I left them to it and they had a whale of a time and were very proud of what they had made - I think I can only describe it as 'modern art' or 'abstract'......there are some beautiful pictures of what you can create on the tub so don't despair, and perhaps your little one has more artistic talent than mine!! However, I loved the bright colours, as did the boys....and they had fun!

I have to say that I was surprised about how good this tasted once it had been cooked - I was expecting an over-sweet, sickly biscuit when infact it was quite tasty! To a large extent they also maintained their bright colours which I really wasn't expecting! Thumbs up from me there.....


We really enjoyed Yummy Dough - apart from the initial mixing which took a little adult intervention, it was a great child-led activity which my children loved. I would definitely buy it again - it makes an ideal present for a child, especially when you want to buy something just a little different.

Disclossure :- We were sent the Yummy Dough for the purpose of this review but all opinions stated are my own and now influenced in any way.

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  1. This looks really interesting, might invest in some for Christmas!


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