Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Brainstorm 2-in1 Earth and Constellations Globe review

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have been asked to review the 2-in1 Globe from Brainstorm Toys - Harry was over the moon as his older brother already has a globe so it only seemed fair that Harry got this globe. He is dying to transform his bedroom into a 'space room' and so this was excellent timing. It retails at RRP £35.99.

It is recommended from the age of 8 (with a safety recommendation of 3 onwards), but even so, Harry (at 5) got an awful lot out of it - he has a real interest in 'Space' and so of course this was useful! It was very easy to set up - you can either use it with batteries (4 x 'C' batteries) or you can use it with an adapter which you can purchase separately. Harry knew we had an adapter already so this was our choice of power. To be honest, this is what I prefer as I often find batteries run out quickly!

We used the globe to find places we had been on holiday - with a little help from his brother - and it came in particularly useful a couple of weeks ago when Harry's homework was all about South America. We found South America and looked a how far it was away from England....quite a way!

I love the fact that this is not just an Earth globe, it is also a Constellation Globe - two globes for the price of one! During the evening - or when I turn Harry's light off then the earth 'magically' (according to Harry) turns into a 'starry night'...pure magic when you are little! In actual fact there is a light sensor (no magic at all but don't tell Harry!). Harry uses this as a nightlight - it's really not very bright but he finds it comforting and that's all that matters. Luckily there is an over-ride switch so I can turn it off once he is asleep if I want to of course.

This globe is going to last Harry for years and years - at the moment he uses it at a very basic level but as he gets older, I can see that it is going to support not only his interest in the world, but it will also support him in his homework. This globe is here to stay!

Find out more about the range from Brainstorm Toys here :-

Disclosure - we were sent the 2-in1 Globe from Brainstorm Toys for the means of this review - all thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


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