Monday, 3 February 2014

My Favourite place in the UK - Harrogate

Recently, I have been part of LOOK Insurance's latest campign to unearth all the amazing places in the UK and I have contributed to their interactive map. I was asked where my favourite place in the UK is and to be honest, this was not a difficult question to answer - Harrogate in North Yorkshire was my reply. It's no secret to close friends and family that I LOVE Harrogate. I used to live there many moons ago - and if I had to name one of my regrets it is leaving this Spa town perched on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

What do I love about Harrogate?

I could make a sweeping statement and say 'everything' but of course that would not be very helpful to those wanting to find out more. So I have decided to prioritise...

1. The people 

I have wonderful memories of living in Harrogate, I made some good friends there and they have remained my friends over ten years later. I love the fact that everyone (another sweeping statement I know) is well one wanders around the town centre in slippers....they do in Boston on Market Day!

2. The Shops

I think this might well be the reason why my husband has so far refused to let me move back there - I love the shops in Harrogate - everything you need but the town centre is neither too big nor too small! When I was there over New Year, I HAD to visit the would have been rude not to!

3. The Restaurants

I love eating out and in Harrogate you really do have a massive choice - from cheap weekday bites to eat to special ocassions all-singing-all-dancing-push-the-boat-out-moments! Recent favourites include the Harrogate Brasserie,The Orchid Restaurant and Sukhothai.

4. Valley Gardens

If you are ever in Harrogate, Valley Gardens is a 'must visit' in my eyes. It is located in the 'heart' of Harrogate and what a gem it is. There really is something for everyone - tennis courts, a fabulous play area, a mini golf (but tastefully done I might add!), skate park (not that I have personally tried this), a cafe and absolutely beautiful flora and fauna. Whether you are 3 or 103, I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it!

5. My memories

And of course these are personal's the first place that I had a 'real' job - the start of my career as a Primary School Teacher at Pannal Primary School - I didn't realise or appreciate it at the time, but it was wonderful. Children there were very lucky indeed.....and I believe that it's still an amazing school!
I met some great people who are still my friends over ten years later - friends are important. And of course we had some amazing nights out - we celebrated my birthday dressed as fairy tale characters and went 'clubbing' and of course there was Jimmys and the stacked Minis! Well - I could go on but some things are best just left unsaid!!!

So - Harrogate is my favourite place in the UK - where is yours?

*This post was written in association with Look Insurance Services*


  1. Wow you are showing your age if you are talking about Jimmys! Typist lives in Harrogate and knows it very well - it's true what they say about it being a small world!!

    1. Yes - am showing my age!!! Had some great nights in Jimmys....many moons ago!!! One day I would LOVE to live in Harrogate again!

  2. It sounds a lovely place - somewhere to add to my list of 'must-see' areas!

  3. I left a comment a couple of days ago which hasn't been published. I wonder why? It was purely positive. I love Harrogate too and I come all the way from the south of France to shop there!!! Luckily my sister lives near by. The Turkish Baths are great too, have you tried them?

  4. As my last comment came straight up I guess it was just a computer glitch my end. I assumed when it didn't publish it was being moderated. Anyway, this way you get 2 comments from me :-)

  5. Great post and really impressive places to visit in uk. it'a always happy to see this of traveling blogs. thanks


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