Wednesday, 5 March 2014

It's a family affair....when it comes to Crew Clothing!

Some might call me a bit of a label snob when it comes to clothing - and should I win the lottery, I can almost promise you that I will become a label snob overnight *confession*. Last year I discovered Crew Clothing when I was lucky enough to review some of their children's clothes.....and that is where my passion for the brand really started. I follow them on Facebook and often yearn over their clothes. And at Christmas money (yes - I still get that from family) was spent in Crew in Harrogate. The poor but wonderful staff in there were very patient whilst I tried on clothes and decided what to spend my money on!

I was therefore thrilled when Crew Clothing asked me to review their new a family. It didn't take me long to reply to the email asking me whether I would like  bundle of Crew clothes to review.....erm yes please!

Something for Mum....

Over the last few months, as I have mentioned I have discovered more than just 'Crew for Kids'.....Crew Clothing fits me too - like a glove.....I was made for Crew!I was asked for my favourite Crew clothes and as I have a couple of their blouses and a couple of their jumpers, I decided to go for the essential trouser in navy and a pair of the Chelsea boots.I knew that they would go perfectly with my blouses and jumpers that I already had. They arrived and all fitted perfectly. The trousers are well tailored, soft to touch and beautifully finished.

Something for Dad...

However, for my husband this is the first time he has worn any Crew clothes - he was ordering online and he is usually a bit of a stickler when it comes to 'trying before buying'. However, he was given little choice and was asked to pick a pair of trousers and a top which he did in a flash! William chose the Spencer Slimfit jeans and the Padstow Pique Sweat which got my thumbs up! Again the fit was perfect. I love the 'berry' colour of the sweater and it's nice to see William in something other than navy!

Something for the boy...

I asked Sam (my 7 year old) which clothes he liked and it didn't take him long to decide on the Todd jeans and Hunter half-button which I have to admit to being very happy about as I am a big fan of navy! As all young boys do at some point, Sam is having a growth spurt so I ordered the jumper a size larger than I would normally - it's plenty big enough but I am glad that I did.


So here we are - a family dressed in Crew (apart from our youngest). And do you know what - it is perfect, just perfect. Designs I love, designs my husband loves and designs my son loves. And if I am being a little boring and want to sound just like my all washes super well! Crew clothing is more expensive than your supermarket-branded clothing and slightly more than places like Next BUT I do believe that you tend to get what you pay for. I would rather have fewer clothes but from companies like Crew rather than rail after rail of poorly made and poorly fitting clothes. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Crew for all your family needs - it suits me and I love it!

Disclosure - I was given a range of Crew clothes for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions remain my own.


  1. you make a good point i am starting to feel the same way been talking about this with hubby going to start buy less items and go with better made clothes

  2. You're abaolutely right! people get what they pay for. If you want a well designed and durable clothes, you have to pay for it. If you want "anything goes" kind of clothes, that is what you will pay for

  3. We love Crew clothing - not only does it look great, but it lasts for ages! Great review.

  4. Great review Jo and I love the photo's!


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