Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mother's Day Inspiration - just in case you need it!

With Mother's Day approaching, I have decided to write about my Mother's Day wish list, but with a limit of £20 in the hope that it might encourage Dads to buy something lovely for the mother of their child(ren). So here goes in no particular order.....

Sprig Scarf from Crew Clothing - currently £12 in the sale.


No secret here that I am a big fan of Crew and this would match my navy jumper perfectly. It's pretty, sophisticated and I know I'd wear it lots....dare I say it without wishing to sound like my own Mother, it's practical!

The Marzipan Selection from Hotel Chocolat - RRP £10.



Another weakness of mine is marzipan. I have been known to buy a block from the supermarket and tear pieces off it until I feel sick. Now I have planted that thought in my head.....I really 'need' marzipan! As it's Mother's Day though, I'd like some 'posh' marzipan and on a recent trip to Tunbridge Wells, I found this eying me up in the Hotel Chocolat Shop (or rather Boutique).

Aceto Balsamico di Modena from Carluccio's - RRP £19.95


Now this might seem like an odd choice unless you really know me. Having received a large hamper of amazing bits and pieces from Carluccios I can honestly say that I can't fault anything! It was ALL delicious. It didn't include this bottle of Balsamic, however, it is one I would LOVE to try so it has therefore made my list!

Sofia Silver and Leather Bangle from PenelopeTom Direct Ltd - RRP £19.95 


I have to come clean and say that I found this bangle a few weeks ago whilst mindlessly trawling through 'Not on the High Street' one evening. It's very different to the jewellery I would normally wear in some ways, but if someone's buying me a gift, it's nice to receive something a little 'different' isn't it? I love the mustard colour and the 'safe' colour!

Jamie's Italian Prosecco - RRP £9.99


One of my favourite 'good value' and very quoffable bottles of Prosecco - and if you shop around it's often on offer at the Supermarkets for around £7.99 - we all love a bargain, in particular one which tastes good!!!

So, that's just a few of the things that I would love for Mother's Day - but when I sit down and really think about it, I am most looking forward to the handmade cards my children are bound to bring home from school....worth more than any present, that is for sure!

What about you? What would be your ideal Mother's Day gift? Let me know below....

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