Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sofasnuggle from Buggysnuggle - at last an adult version!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent one of Buggysnuggle's latest products - the Sofasnuggle. I've known about the original buggysnuggles for some time, in fact my first born had one which was then passed down to my youngest. Having always been very impressed with the quality and the 'snuggliness' (is that a real word?), I have often wondered and asked the owner whether they would make one big enough for an adult. It was all very much 'tongue-in-cheek' so imagine my surprise when I found out that this was coming to fruition!

In a nutshell, the sofasnuggle is an overgrown Buggysnuggle, made from the same cosy material. It is heaven in the form of a Buggysnuggle - or a cosytoes for those of you who are less au fait with anything to do with pushchairs. It zips around the outside for ultra cosiness or you can unzip to create an over-sized blanket. On the inside is a little pocket to put your feet in to ensure ultra comfort.

The Sofasnuggle has quickly become a firm family favourite particularly with me and the children. My oldest was poorly the other day and apparently 'needed Mummy's blanket' on the sofa...and then disappeared with it upstairs to his bedroom, never to be seen again if he had his own way.

I can also highly recommend it when, as an adult you are feeling ill. No one cuddles you when you are poorly once you grow up. No one sits there and strokes your hair.....and so you NEED a Sofasnuggle!!!! Everything else suddenly becomes surplus to requirements whether you have got 'man flu' or of course a nasty 'hang over'.....which for the means of this review I of course had to test...


Thank you Buggysnuggle for finally producing a Buggysnuggle large enough to fit me it. I LOVE it....I didn't know that I needed one until I got it but now I wouldn't be without it!

Disclosure :- I was sent this Sofasnuggle for the means of this review but all thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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    1. I am very much in love with mine as are the rest of my family it seems. My youngest has been 'poorly sick' off school and has snuggled in it all day!


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