Monday, 12 May 2014

Feather and Black Apple Lamp Review - the apple of my eye.

I was recently sent the Apple lamp to review from Feather and Black. It was perfect timing as my youngest was insisting on sleeping with his light on and we wanted to wean him off it and use a night light instead.

The Apple Lamp comes in red and green - we picked green as I am developing a bit of a thing for green at the moment. It's not a massive lamp and sits about 20cm tall but is the perfect size for a child.....if they had a larger one, I would love that for my kitchen.

It arrived and my initial thought was how nicely it is packaged. Already as you unpack it, you feel like you have bought a quality item. Once unpacked, all you need to do is add a bulb - an energy saving light bulb in order that it doesn't get hot. I have to admit that I had to shop around a little to find one of these as two of our local supermarkets didn't stock them. However, I found one in the end and the result was worth waiting for.

I gave Harry the lamp and he loved it immediately. At 5 years old, he would soon tell me if he didn't like it of course. In fact he loved it so much he kissed it and pretended to eat it. Thank goodness I had my camera in my hand else I am pretty sure that you wouldn't believe me.

The shell of the lamp is acrylic so when using with a child, there is no worry that it will smash if knocked off a bedside table. The stalk is rubber - a nice touch in my opinion, making it very tactile. It gives off a lovely 'glow' in the bedroom. Harry has it on the floor by his bunkbed - if he had a bedside table though of course it would be on there. I am impressed that by morning, when using an energy saving bulb, the lamb is still cool. Of course it is the bulb which has caused this but it's reassuring to know that Feather and Black recommend this type of bulb to help prevent accidents.


I love this Apple lamp - it's so different to all others on the market. I'm not keen on 'character' lamps and love the fact that this lamp will still appeal to Harry as he gets older...and if it doesn't, I can use it in almost any room of the house. It has a contemporary design and wouldn't look out of place anywhere in my opinion. I have no hesitation in recommending this nightlight for children or adults alike - make sure you realise the size of it before you order as it's quite small.

 Disclosure - I was given the lamp in order to carry out this review. However all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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  1. That looks really good and it is fantastic that it wont break if knocked.


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