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More reasons to shop at Morrisons

More Reasons to Shop at Morrisons

I love shopping - that's a fact but supermarket shopping has a weird effect on me. If I am truthful, I am very lucky as my husband does most of it. However, there is a reason behind this as apparently I take hours and hours and come home with a car full of products you can't make a single meal from....'apparently' I might add.

I was given the brief to do a normal Bank Holiday weekend shop and £80 of vouchers to go with it. Given my 'apparent' history of not buying anything useful, I went armed with a list (and a 5 year old who would obviously tempt me away from said list).

I decided to go to the Spalding Store as our local store in Boston is quite frankly pretty small and has a poor selection of wine. I knew that Spalding had quite a large store and given the items on my shopping list I knew I would have more success in Spalding.

I have to say that I was very impressed. We eat a lot of Asian food and the array of fresh herbs, vegetables and spices was very impressive - far better than we would have got in the Boston Supermarkets we usually frequent (Tesco and Asda).

There was a vast selection of fresh herbs - we spend quite a substantial amount on herb and it was lovely too see them looking so fresh and such a wide choice - again far better than our usual supermarket.

On my list was tuna in order to make Tuna Carpaccio (recipe later) - one of my favourites. I loved the fact that Morrisons had a fishmonger but was a little disappointed to find that the tuna steaks came vacuum-packed and pre-sliced. I had wanted a thick, head-end piece as I find that always works better for Carpaccio. However, they did have one piece that fitted the bill as close as possible so I took that. Harry was intrigued with the fishmonger's area and spent ages asking about the different items on display - everything from salmon to mackerel to scallops to an octopus.

Another area I was impressed with was the selection of cheese - the presentation was very inviting and I bought cheese....which wasn't on the list!I bought a piece of Yorkshire Blue from the Deli counter - where the lady was more than happy for me to try a couple. It was delicious!

Having explored thoroughly the 'fresh' area we moved on to finish our shop. We tend not to buy any ready meals - largely as my husband is a 'darn fine cook' and we cook everything from scratch (apart from the odd Friday night pizza of course). I couldn't help but notice how many items in the chilled area were flanking the 'I'm Cheaper' badge. Morrisons have just launched their 'I'm Cheaper' campaign to highlight their consistently low prices rather than the yo-yo pricing structures some supermarkets seem to have adopted.

I continued shopping and loaded my trolley with all the essentials for the Bank Holiday Weekend. We tend to spend quite a bit on food, especially for a Bank Holiday weekend when we have a bit of a cookathon and I didn't tot up as I went round how much I had spent. Morrisons had given us £80 to spend in vouchers and I had just 'shopped' as usual rather than trying to be careful. I was quite surprised when my bill came to less than £100 to be honest. £92.59 to be precise and that included 4 bottles of nice wine (essential for Bank holiday drinking in my opinion).

So what did we do with our trolley of food then..........

We did lots with our trolley full of food - but Saturday night was a dedicated 'date night'. My husband and I LOVE cooking and love good food. As it was bank holiday we decided to push the boat out and have some of our favourites. For our meal in we decided upon....

Starter (Cost £2.75 per person)
Carpaccio of Tuna

Main Course (Cost £4.00 per person)
Rump Steak served with Dauphinoise potatoes and asparagus cooked in lemon and olive oil.

Cheese (Cost £0.65 per person)
Yorkshire Blue

Wine (Cost £6.49 a bottle)
Beaujolais Village


My favourite dish has to be the Carpaccio of Tuna (we sometimes make it with fillet steak too). Please find below the recipe just in case you fancy having a go.

Carpaccio of Tuna Recipe (serves 2)

Large piece of tuna cut from the head end if possible)
2 teaspoons of fennel seeds
1 teaspoon of crushed chillies
1 teaspoon of cumin
salt and pepper to taste
handful of fresh coriander
3-5 thinly sliced radishes
finely chopped red chillies
grated ginger
1/2 finely chopped red onion
good quality Olive Oil
balsamic glaze

Cover tuna steak in dry spices. Chill for at least half an hour - an hour if possible. Fry quickly on all sides in a searing hot frying pan. Slice thinly and serve with rocket, sliced radishes, finely chopped ginger and red chillies.Drizzle with good quality Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze.

Eat won't last long!


I was very impressed with Morrisons in Spalding, Lincolnshire. It's a far bigger and more welcoming store than the small one we have in Boston. It was actually a pleasant shopping experience - the staff were helpful, the shop was well laid out and the choice was vast (especially fresh produce). My shop came to no more than it would have done in Asda and was considerably less than our usual Tesco shop. I will definitely be back soon as it was worth the 20 minute drive.

Disclosure :- I was given £80 of vouchers to spend in Morrisons in order to review the service and write this article. However, all thoughts and opinions remain my own and are not influenced in any way.


  1. Wow, what a menu! That food looks scrumptious Jo! Great photo's too. I was too embarrassed to take many!

  2. Can I come over for dinner please? Lookd delicious

  3. Love the menu. Will have to try the carpaccio for my hubby sometime, great wine choice too! Hope you had a lovely date night?

  4. OMG that sounds delicious, you would be great on come dine with me!!! :) x


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