Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bee-Ball Junior Basketball Stand Review

My boys love being outside and were thrilled when I told them that we were getting a basketball stand to review - to say that they were enthusiastic is an understatement. We received a Bee-Ball Junior Basketball stand and size 5 basket ball.

It arrived in a big box - we all know that products in big boxes excite young children and I quickly delegated the 'checking of the contents' to Sam, my 7 year old. Sam LOVES this kind of thing and he soon unpacked to check that everything was present and correct...and it was.

The building of the stand was delegated to my husband as it is most definitely a 'blue job' however he has insisted that I would have been able to manage it had I been willing. The base is a hollow which you can fill with either sand or water - we choose water largely as we had some to hand. I love the fact that it is on wheels so that we can wheel it out of sight when not in use....and easily get it out again when it's time to play.

I am really impressed with the quality of the Bee-Ball Basketball Stand - it's very well manufactured and really does look the part. Sam and Harry really do love it and it has quickly become a firm favourite in our garden.

One of the design features that I am particularly impressed with is the fact that you can alter the height of the hoop making it perfectly accessible for both my 5 year old and my taller 7 year old....oh and my husband. Everyone can be challenged but everyone can succeed which is especially important for my youngest who would easily have given up had he not seen some success.


I am very impressed with the Bee-Ball Junior Basket Ball stand. It's great quality and a real hit with my children. We have been using it for about a month now and it has survived many different weather types - heavy rain, frost (yes, frost in March), sunshine and of course the north wind. It still looks like new and is still been used when ever the children are outside (quite a lot!). At £39.99, I think it offers great value for money.

Disclosure - I was given the Bee-Ball Stand and basket ball for the means of this review. However, all opinions are my own and have3 not been influenced in any way.

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