Sunday, 29 June 2014

Family Holidays in the UK - it can be done!

A while ago I was asked to complete a quiz from British Holiday company Parkdean. Now, usually I ignore such requests as to be honest I am not interested. But given that this one was about holidays (and I was bored at work - don't tell my boss), I decided to give it a go. Basically you had to identify whether a place was in the UK or elsewhere. I didn't get 100% and that annoyed me. I like to think that I am well traveled and know a fair amount. However, on speaking to my husband he just laughed at me. Of course we are not 'experts' on the UK, largely because we haven't holidayed here very much. Well - perhaps we are ready for a change. There are so many places on the doorstep that remain undiscovered and quite frankly, pretty darn beautiful.

My question is to all my readers - do you need to go abroad to enjoy beautiful sandy beaches? I know that the answer to this is 'no' but this got me thinking. Should I be holidaying more in the UK? In actual fact, this summer we have a cottage booked in an area of England that we know very well, Norfolk. It's in the UK - tick. There is a beautiful beach at Wells - tick. The food is great in that area - tick. We don't have the hassle (excitement???) of traveling through an airport or ferry terminal - tick.

Now of course - there are more places in the UK which could be described as 'beautiful' and beaches that could be described as 'stunning'. Here are my top three of list of 'must visits' that I really would like to take the children too soon.


My number one bucket list place to visit within the UK has to be Scotland. I have never been to the coast in Scotland and having done a little research (and seen my parents photos from a recent visit to the Isle of Mull), this has got to become a priority. My biggest worry is the weather - however all the photos I have seen it seems to be sunny so I'm going to give it a go - and soon I hope!


Another place that I have been saying for years that we really should visit is Cornwall - again a part of the UK which I don't know well (hangs head in shame). However - it looks soooo like France - in particular Normandy and Brittany (image above of St Michaels Mount reminds me of a desolate Mont Saint Michel). I think that Cornwall appeals to me because of the climate - it's 'down south', has a similar climate to northern France yet I wouldn't have the hassle of a ferry or tunnel crossing.


You will notice that again I have picked somewhere a long way from where I live. Despite visiting Norfolk this summer, I really do think that part of the excitement about going on holiday is the journey. We will drive absolutely anywhere and, thank goodness. my children are excellent travellers in the car (they may have been put on eBay had they not been). You only need to look at the colour of the sea in the image above to see why people holiday there. It doesn't 'look' like the UK, that is for sure.

Well - that's just three places in the UK that I have picked out and have added to my 'must visit soon' list. There are so many places that I haven't taken my children to. They think that to go on holiday you 'have' to go on an airplane. I need to show them that they don't and that the UK actually has an awful lot to offer. We maybe need to rethink our family holidays.......if only we could guarantee the weather!

There are so many to chose from.......

Let me know where in the UK you would holiday with a 5 year old and a 7 year old - it looks like we need inspiration!

 Disclosure - This is a sponsored post from Park Dean.


  1. We love UK holidays. We live on the South West coastline, and there are so many beautiful places to visit here that we just don't need to go abroad!

  2. I love holidaying in the UK. Cornwall has some stunning beaches, as has Norfolk. We've also been to South Wales which was very nice too.

  3. We're big fans of the Hereford area - there are lots of Castles and Heritage places to visit all within easy drive if you base yourself in the right place. A big hit with our family.

  4. Norfolk, in particular Holkham is a favourite of ours, especially with it being fairly close to us. The huge beach and woods are beautiful and great for our dogs. Our next trip in the UK has to be the south coast, as I have never been and it looks beautiful!

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