Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mia Tui Amelie Bag Review

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a rather large parcel through the post - ready for a review. This time the review was an item for me, rather than my children which makes a refreshing change. I decided on the Mia Tui Amelie Bag in Steel Blue and I adore the colour in real life.

Mia Tui, a bag company known for their changing bags had sent me their Amelie Bag - a multifunctional bag designed primarily for traveling. Now - I need to put this in to perspective. Most bags are either too large or too small for traveling with. Too small and you can't fit everything in or too large and the damn thing is too heavy. Mia Tui appear to have hit the nail on the head with the Amelie bag.

I used it last weekend for an overnight stopover with friends. You know the time - when you really don't need a wheelie case as this would be an over kill but you need to appear that you have come equipped with more than just a clean pair of knickers! Even when jam-packed with all the essentials (including a bottle of wine), it was still extremely comfortable to carry on my shoulder.

The Amelie bag comes equpped with pockets galore - giving you ample opportunity to organise your overnight bag. It even comes with it it's own 'extra' bags which fit neatly inside pockets on the interior of the bag - clever stuff and well thought out.

I used the larger of the wetbags as a toilet bag and the smaller as a make up bag. They were just the perfect size and meant that I kept all my 'messy' items away from my clothes. I loved the fact that they had their own little pockets to slip into in the main bag meaning that they didn't get lost amongst my clothes.

Inside the bag, as well as the pockets for the wetbacks and shoulder bag, there are numerous other 'added touches' including two clips which are ideal to keep keys safe and sound. There is also a pocket which I presume has been designed to hold a phone as well as the obligatory pen pockets. The outside of the bag has yet another pocket - perfect for a purse or wallet.

You can either carry the bag using the handles which are amply long enough to be able to sling it over your shoulder, or there is a shoulder strap which clips on. Personally I preferred the handles - they were the perfect length to be honest - not too long and not too short.


The Amelie Bag from Mia Tui is well made and offers a real alternative to a wheelie case given that it is so comfortable to carry. It is well equipped and in my opinion, offers excellent value for money at £63. It is very well manufactured and comes with lots of extras which you wouldn't expect for a bag at this price. I was very pleasantly surprised. A super bag for me which I think that I will use over and over stop Norfolk.

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