Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Goal!! Review a goal from Plum Products.

A while a go, I attended a press day for Plum products where we were lucky enough to see their latest ranges of garden and indoor wooden toys, as well as having the opportunity to have a sneak peak of what is on the horizon for this British-based company.

As a 'thank you', they sent me their goal. They didn't ask me to, nor expect me to review it, but my boys love it so much that I decided to.

We were sent the 8ft by 6ft wooden goal. It is also available in a smaller 6ft x 4ft - but if you've got space, I would definitely recommend the larger of the two sizes available. Why? Because I have a sneaky suspicion that the boys are going to play with this for many years to come - even adults seem drawn to this piece of play equipment this summer!

The goal arrives in boxes and you have to construct it. Or rather in my case, you have to ask your husband to construct it. I am quite sure that should it have been necessary for me to do the building, I would have coped admirably BUT I obviously needed to take the photos and make the cups of tea. Nothing sexist in this family I can assure you.

The goal was relatively easy to put together. You need minimal tools and just a little bit of patience. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and everything went together well.

As you can see - the goal is a huge success and has already had plenty of use. The boys absolutely love it. It has also made us get outside and play with the boys - they have a play area but we are a bit too big to go on the swings and slide - but this has appeal to all the family - even Granddad has been spotted playing football recently!

'The goal is good - I've never really played football before but this makes it more fun.' Sam (aged 7).

'It's really great for playing football. I'm glad we have one now' Harry (age 5).


I have no hesitation in recommending this goal to other parents. At £149.99 it's not the cheapest goal on the market but it is well made and sturdy. It will last years and years, giving children and teenagers alike many hours of fun....and exercise of course.

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