Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Weird Fish Review - a mixed catch

A while ago I was lucky enough to have been sent a bundle of clothes and bag to review from Weird Fish. I wore my outfit to Britmums but obviously was unable to write the review until the clothes had been worn and washed a number of times in order to portray them in a clear and honest light.

I arranged for the clothes to be delivered to work and they arrived promptly as promised. They were delivered by our friendly courier who for some bizarre reason, I decided to take a photograph of. I think it was perhaps as I don't often have deliveries which are actually for me! It's a good job he has a good sense of humour.

I was sent the following to wear, wash, wear, wash.....you get the picture!

 - Phoebe Printed Stretch Tunic Dress in Frost Grey (£39.99)
 - Roxanne Knit Cardigan in Spearmint (£39.95)
 - Modello Marl Leggings in Dark Slate (£15.99)
 - Sorbus Striped Tote Bag in Mood Indigo (£39.95)

Now I absolutely LOVE the clothes. They arrived well packaged and ready to wear.

There is nothing worse than receiving crumpled clothes in the post which you then have to iron before you actually wear them. They fitted perfectly which was a relief as I wanted to wear the outfit for Britmums, a blogging conference I was attending the following day.

All three items of clothing have washed really well and look as good as new, even after regularly wearing them for a couple of months. I always worry that leggings will go baggy at the knees after you have worn them for a couple of hours. But these have maintained their shape throughout which is a real positive. (Please see update below!)

So - I absolutely LOVE the design of the clothes so what about the Sorbus bag? I really like the way this bag looks - it's contemporary yet timeless design really appeals to me. The leather base to the bag ensures that it doesn't get dirty and the size is just perfect. I have used it for days out in London with the children, business meetings as well as as my daily handbag. It's very versatile.

However, I am very disappointed with the quality. Having used the bag for a weekend, a split developed on the front pocket zip. This didn't worry me too much as I understand that these things happen in manufacturing. Basically the stitching hadn't caught properly which resulted in the material coming away from the main bag. Another bag was sent to me - the problem was rectified and I was happy.

Unfortunately, after the second outing with the new bag, again there was a problem. This time the seam split along the edge. Very disappointing. I hadn't been carrying much in the bag so there is no reason why this should have happened. Having had two faulty bags, I can only ascertain that the manufacturing of this bag is not as good as it should be. At £39.99 it's not a particularly cheap bag and I would expect it to last at least one season. I am gutted - I really love the design of the bag, but the quality isn't what I would expect from Weird Fish.

Update - December 2014 - the cardigan has developed a hole and has split at the seams - all rather disappointing I have to say.


Love the clothes in design, but the quality is not what I would expect for the money and I would steer clear of this particular bag.

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